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With extensive experience in specialized industry practices such as medical or dental practices, construction contractors, professional and non-professional service providers, non-profit organizations, and manufacturing operations, our team executes in a careful and competent manner to ensure the information you provide is accounted for appropriately.


Tax Services - Individual ,Corporate [C-Corp or S-Corp], Partnerships, Estates, Trusts, State Franchise returns, and Property Tax Renditions.  We listen to your needs and ascertain all of the facts.  Then we apply sound and competent tax reducing strategies to assist you in tax filing compliance.   We also use the Thomson Reuters Online Tax Library for tax research and access to all opinions of Federal court cases (tax court up through all the appellant courts). This is very useful whenever we are representing our clients before the IRS.

Outbound Program - This is in order to relieve the small business owner from day-to-day accounting responsibilities so they can focus on managing other aspects of their business. We will accumulate bills, create checks, manage your payroll, and prepare your monthly financial statements.  

Basic Accounting Program - Many small business owners and managers prefer to control their own check book and financial resources but value the preparation of reliable financial information by an expert accountant. Using your check register, credit card statements, and other financial records such as QuickBooks accounting files, we will prepare your monthly accounting and provide you with the report and financial statements to help you manage your business or apply for bank loans.

Controller Services Program - For this program, we perform higher level financial services designed to help the business owner better manage their business using budgeting, and financial analysis or reporting tools.

Financial Statement Preparation - Owners or managers often request that we compile their financial statements and issue an accountant's report. A compilation and accountant's report may be desirable by an owner simply to achieve a higher level of confidence in the reliability of their financial data or, a compilation may be required by a banker when a loan application is submitted.


Consulting and Coaching Services

With over 60 years of combined business experience, our team is well prepared to help you solve your most complex business issues. Our consulting and coaching service may be tailored to meet specific business or personal needs. On many occasions, we have served simply as a sounding board for our clients to help ensure greater success. Our service offerings include:

  • Business review and assessment
  • Accounting and information systems
  • Business process improvement
  • Management advisory services (including financing matters)
  • Insurance Claim and Litigation Support Services
  • Coaching Services for Individuals, Managers and Business Owners


With proven experience in each of these areas, we are well prepared to help you succeed in meeting your goals. Whether you are driving to your next promotion or raise in a Fortune 100 company, or you want to take your business to the next level, our consulting and coaching services can be an invaluable resource to give you the confidence and know-how to succeed.

Business review and assessment - designed to identify issues and make specific recommendations for business operations that may not be optimizing profitability or cash flows.

Accounting and information systems assessments - are you getting the information you need to make appropriate business decisions? We can help you develop methodologies to define, measure, analyze, improve and control critical success factors to position your business for success.

Business process improvement - increasing efficiencies surrounding routine processing can have a dramatic improvement on profitability. Let us help you streamline your business processes to help you eliminate the hidden cost of doing business.

Management advisory services - comprising a myriad of possible services, we are well positioned to help you manage or grow your business. As a resource on matters such as managing cash, improving profitability, obtaining lender or equity financing, or making financially sound business decisions, we have made substantial contributions to many of our clients' bottom line.

Coaching Services - available to individuals or business managers, we can work with you to help you achieve your goals. Managing your career as an employee at a Fortune 100 company can be tricky, or, getting the comfort that you are driving your business in the right direction without divulging confidential information to competitors can give you the confidence you need to succeed. An experienced confidant on such matters can be an invaluable resource. With staff experienced in this role, and our commitment to you is that we will give you an honest assessment and help you choose the right path to success!

Insurance Dispute and Litigation Support Services - Unfortunately, casualty losses and legal disputes happen. When they do, the information produced to satisfy an insurance claim or to support your attorney can be overwhelming. We will take the lead and work closely with business managers or owners and their insurance companies or attorneys to ensure the information submitted is complete and accurate. We will perform financial analysis and prepare other information to adequately support the claim and we can assist in the negotiation process to ensure you receive the maximum benefit